A Picture Of Good Health

Sometimes, what you need for your health, finds you.

Recently, we’ve run a couple of radio ads. A few people have mentioned hearing them when in our shop, but then the other day, a woman who had never visited the shop before, approached Dan at the counter with a specific need.

Her adult Granddaughter has been suffering with a severe case of psoriasis, so severe her skin cracks and bleeds! They’ve tried many medications, but the problem has persisted, and just recently, the doctor suggested they try a chemotherapy cream. The Grandmother mentioned she’d heard something on the radio about our salves, and hoped we might be able to help her. Dan was moved by her story and gave her a bottle of Bear Oil.

Not long after, the woman returned to the shop and showed Dan these photos. This is the reason we continue to make & sell our all natural, handmade medicines!

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