A Root For Health

Many of you have asked…and we now carry Oshá Root (aka Bear Root)!

This is an ancient medicinal root used by many Indigenous Nations – growing in mountainous regions. It is used in various preparations (tinctures, infusions, teas); taken internally to calm respiratory problems (coughs, colds, flu…), to treat fever, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, hangover, sore throat & rheumatism. It is also used externally to treat aches & pains, stings, wounds & skin infections.

The name Oshá for the plant derives from the New Mexico dialect of Spanish; though it seems likely to be a corruption of the Zuni word Anshe, which means “bear”. Many tribes have stories of bears eating this root to restore their energy after hibernation, hence the name “Bear Root”. The scientific name for this plant is Ligusticum porteri and it is related to celery, parsley & carrots.


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