A Surprise Honour

The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation held their 31st annual Homecoming & Traditional Pow Wow on 26-27 Aug. 2017…and as usual, the Bear’s Den was there.

If you’ve never been, this is an excellent traditional Pow Wow, smaller than some, but a powerful place to share in the spirit of Community & Culture! The Arbour where the Drums, Dancing & Singing takes place is surrounded by a circle of trees, making for a beautiful cradle of nature to share these traditions.

Dan has been an Eagle Staff Carrier for many years; proudly carrying the Recovery Staff at Grand Entrance – along with other honoured Staff Carriers and Veterans. This year a special honour was bestowed upon this group for their years of service to the Community by the Pow Wow Committee – and presented by The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lt. Governor of Ontario!

Dan could not have been more surprised and pleased…

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