All Leather, All The Time

If you haven’t been by the shop in a while, drop in and see what’s new!

Drum Bags, handmade in Canada of tanned hide – available to carry any hand drum op to 15″.  We also have an Accessory Bag suitable for your Drum Sticks (large enough for Pow Wow sticks…up to 15 of them), Flutes, etc. – also handmade in Canada from tanned hide.

You’ve probably seen our tremendous selection of Moccasins (available in sizes from Infant to Adult); we also have a selection of handmade, all leather, Boot Mocs! These can be made-to-order for anyone, though we do have some Mens size 10 & 11 in stock. These are made with a good thick hide, including the soles – with enough room to wear thick socks and be extra warm in all weather!


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