Before We Hit The Road…

Spring is finally here! The Bears are awake and foraging…and so are we at Bears Den Native Crafts!

Come visit us at the Market and see what great new items we have for you: moose hide bags, moccasins, gloves, pipe/feather boxes, jewellery, flutes, decorative horns & skulls…even all natural soap! All handmade products, native made, responsibly & sustainably sourced.

Of course we keep a good supply of the best Bear Salve/Oil, Minigan, Sage and Sweetgrass available. We also have a limited supply of 100% pure Bear Fat – excellent medicine for your traditional skinned drums!

Find us every Saturday & Sunday at the Gibraltar Weekend Market – and soon, we return to the Pow Wow Trail to visit our relations around the province! Our marketplace is always open, even when we are on the road (thanks to our Family).

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