Handmade & Hand Painted

Just in, a selection of beautifully hand painted hand drums – handmade, natural hide. Not only do they look beautiful, they sound great too!

As the man said, “we could all use a little change“…well, you’ll need somewhere to keep it! All leather coin purses, small size, easy opening – just the right size for a chunk of change! Of course we have a large selection of leather wallets & purses.

Pack it up and go in our new, all leather, backpacks! A premium leather product, these are made to look great and be sturdy enough to carry what you need for your journey.

The pen is mightier than the…well, you probably remember the rest. These pens are a unique creation – handmade of Deer Antler and a brass rifle shell. Each pen comes in it’s own “carry case”. Perfect to write something peaceful with!

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