Dan-RegaliaDaniel N. Pelletier (Megisa Magawa Tick) is Métis of Ojibwe and French heritage; he carries his teachings from Northern Ontario.

As a Pipe Carrier, he has participated and conducted many ceremonies. He completed a four-year cycle at a Sundance and continues to carry these teachings in his daily life. Also, Dan is an accomplished drum maker and has held many drum workshops in Ontario and Manitoba.

Dan has been in recovery for more than twenty-four years. He has 15 years of experience in the field of social work as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Solvent Abusers Counsellor, Healing and Wellness Promotion Worker, Child and Youth Worker and Relationship Counsellor. Dan is also a Certified Grief Recovery Counsellor. He was the first man to work in the woman’s shelter, on Oneida, as a Youth Worker. He was the Cultural Coordinator at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, the addiction counsellor for Native Child and Youth Services. In a recovery home for men, Dan worked as a Fronting/Addiction counsellor for Rockhaven. He also gained experience in working with homeless people.

Daniel has been invited to share his experience and knowledge at High Schools, Colleges, Special Interest Groups, HIV Aids Educational Circle, Children’s Aid Society, Revenue Canada, N’Amerind Friendship Center, London Psychiatric Hospital and the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides of Canada. Also, Daniel conducts Traditional Funerals and has spoken at numerous Solidarity Day ceremonies. He further conducted Veterans Day events. With much honour, Daniel carries The Addiction and Recovery Eagle Staff to many events.

CCH Recommendation for Dan Pelletier
CCH Recommendation for Dan Pelletier

During his presentations, Daniel addresses many subjects on Native Spirituality. According to oral tradition, he shares his teachings of the Four Directions, the Berry Fast, the Sundance, Ceremonies and much more. He also shares his experience working with residential school survivors and the effect it has had on Native communities. Participants get a first-hand look at the many sacred items that Dan carries as part of his bundle. During this unforgettable experience, Dan is sure to share his spirit while drumming, playing the flute and singing the traditional songs that he carries.

If you are interested in contacting Dan (Megisa Megawa Tick) personally, please contact us, he will gladly answer any questions you may have! Fluent in English & French and some knowledge of Anishinaabemowin.