Moving Forward – While Standing Still

We hope everyone is keeping safe & healthy during the COVID-19 current crisis! This is a tough time for us all and we need to be more vigilant about the health and safety of our Families, Friends & Neighbours. There is, however, some good news…more on that below.

Gibraltar Weekend Market has, of course, shut down for the time being. At the beginning of next month, the situation will be re-assessed to see how we will proceed; nobody really knows how this will pan out yet.

Official Statement from Gibraltar Weekend Market

On the brighter side, Bear’s Den is moving forward in some big ways. Our online shop has expanded considerably – with more to follow…and that’s not the only expansion!

We are moving to an even larger space in the Market (currently being renovated) with more room for visible product and – most importantly – OUR OWN OUTSIDE ENTRANCE! There will be outside banners pointing out the new entrance – on the Third St. (east) side of the building.

This means we will be able to open extra days/hours to better serve YOU – our valued customers. While this is obviously both a work-in-progress and an undetermined opening date, we look forward to being able to serve you in a bigger, better space.

One major addition to our products will be a more complete selection of crafting supplies – specifically for those doing traditional beadwork; the new shop will have a dedicated area for this and we will be adding these supplies to our online shop as well in the near future.

If you need anything from us, you can order online, or contact us and we’ll work something out to get you what you need. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, keep a good mind…and look after your Family & Community!

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