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  • Bear Salve & Oil


    This medicine came through a dream and is made from all natural ingredients: Bear Fat, Olive Oil and Eucalyptus. the Oil and the Salve contain the same ingredients, just different methods of delivery (the salve has more Bear Fat and Beeswax for thickener). Instant relief for sunburn, steam burns, grease burns, razor burns, and radiation…

  • Med-Pac Deal


    This is our most popular deal for salves! Double up & save – plus get a FREE Bear Oil included! Buy it for yourself, or share with your friends! Each Med-Pac includes: 1 Large Minigan 1 Small Minigan 1 Large Bear Salve 1 Small Bear Salve 1 Bear Oil FREE

  • Minigan Salve


    Made from 4 different types of Pine Gum, Bear Fat and Beeswax. It has been made for hundreds of years by First Nations People and is used to treat cuts, prevent infections and relieve aching joints. Safe for everyone – even pets! Anytime you need a band-aid, use a little Minigan for quick relief and…