For all cleansings, ceremonies and other benefits, we carry a large supply of premium, loose, dried Buffalo Sage (Salvia Apiana aka White Sage), Ceremonial Sema and Sweetgrass Braids.

Sage & Sema are both sold in the traditional way (loose-leaf), in sealed bags. Amounts range from 2oz to 1 pound. Sweetgrass is sold in the traditional braided style.While Sweetgrass can also be burned (like Sage), many people prefer to hang it in a room and let the subtle scent clear the air that way! (Please note: Sema may only be sold/shipped within Ontario, Canada – please contact us to order)

For larger orders, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you! Pricing/quantities subject to change based on availability.

We also have large Abalone Shells, tripod stands (hand-carved from a single piece of wood) and handmade feather fans available.