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Bear Oil / Bear Salve

This medicine came through a dream and is made from all natural ingredients: Bear Fat, Olive Oil and Eucalyptus. the Oil and the Salve contain the same ingredients, just different methods of delivery (more Bear Fat and Beeswax for thickener).

Instant relief for sun burns, steam burns, grease burns, razor burns, and radiation burns…and it clears many different skin conditions that conventional creams won’t cure!

Salve available in LG – 60gm, SM – 20gm. Oil is in a convenient ‘pop top’ container – 67gm.
(these are NET weights, packaged weights are slightly more).

Bear Salve/Oil & Minigan!
Bear Salve/Oil & Minigan!
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Relieves Itching, Redness
  • Amazing Massage Oil
  • Skin Moisturizer & Tattoo Toner
  • Lip Balm, Hand Lotion
  • Sun, Steam, Radiation Burns
  • Poison Oak and Ivy
  • Warts
  • Minimizes Scaring & Life Lines
  • Pets’ Skin Problems
  • Eliminates Athlete’s Feet
  • Gentle enough to clear Cradle Cap on Babies

Minigan Salve

Made from 4 different types of Pine Gum, Bear Fat and Bees Wax. It has been made for hundreds of years by First Nations People and is used to treat cuts, prevent infections and relieve aching joints.

Salve available in LG – 60gm, SM – 20gm.
(these are NET weights, packaged weights are slightly more).

  • Antiseptic
  • Prevents & clears infections
  • The best thing for Acne
  • Use on cuts, burns, scrapes, cold sores etc.
  • Amazing Relief for Hemorrhoids
  • It is better than most antiseptic creams on the market and it is ALL NATURAL!

Anytime you need a band-aid, use a little Minigan for quick relief and faster healing!

NOTE: We sometimes have a limited supply of Pure Bear Fat – great for treating drums & hides! Please contact us for availability and pricing. All prices Canadian Dollars (excl. tax) – prices/availability subject to change.

Med-Pac Deal:

Buy 1 Large Bear Salve +1 Large Minigan + 2 Pocket size of ea. for $ 50.00 and get 1 Bear Oil Free!

These are pictures of my mom’s burned back! You can use them to promote your Minigan salve! It heals totally as you can see! Me and mom are so happy, the regular medicine didn’t help, even the doctor didn’t know what to do anymore! Then we met, I’m so grateful for meeting you!
4 day acne cure
After only 4 days using the Minigan salve on my sons face, his acne has cleared up tremendously. He feels less agitated and painful.


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  1. does bear salve/oil help with inflamation swollen ankles/ feet, arthritis, bursitis, ?

    • Deanna – the Minigan Salve should help with this!

  2. I just bought the Bear Salve, and wanted to know how many times should this be used? Once a day, twice, or three times daily? Should the area be covered where the product is used?

    • Sorry if this reply is late… Each case is different, but at least twice a day (rub it in well). The area doesn’t need covering, generally, but if it is somewhere that might collect dirt (like a hand), then a light covering is fine.

  3. My mom has been dealing with a huge rash for over a year nothing seemed to cure it
    Two weeks using the bear salve and it’s almost gone
    I also gave a small container to a young man that walks his dog by my house because the dog a a large sore on his back
    One week later and it’s healed
    I will always keep this in my home
    Thank you Dan

    • Absolutely! All natural, safe for pets and the whole family!

  4. Hello. I don’t see order form on your web site, please contact me regarding purchasing: one pocket size bear salve and one pocket size Minigan salve, and one bear oil. payment by PayPal. Your products were highly recommended by our friend Nathan, in Toronto. Thank you, Wendy

  5. Like many comments I’ve seen. Your product is wonderful. My girlfriend introduced me to Dan at the market in a Saturday afternoon. I bought the pocket size of both Bear Salve and Minigan Salve. I have a had many fall season weather changes that dry out my hands. I have had to battle the fall season for the better part of my life. Over the past few years my brother has been working with me with all his education on all natural products and food etc. My brother has helped me battle my eczema condition since he became as natural as he could get as time went on. My hands were the last of the eczema condition. Now I am living much happier with Dan’s Minigan and Bear Salve. It only take up to half hour roughly to see a dramatic healing change. I thank my girlfriend for introducing me to Dan and I thank Dan for his wonderful product and I am happy to see other’s comments and photos of before and after.


  6. I started using the oil on my shoulder to help with pain from a strain, it worked amazingly well, I use it on any of my pain spots or when I have a headache

  7. We received a Minigan salve with some purchases. We have used this on cuts, burns, infections and scrapes. This works better than the best triple antibiotic ointment on the market. Healing is rapid; this even cleared up a reoccurring bacterial infection where other products failed. It was also used to recover from numerous puncture wounds from a dog attack. Thank you very much for introducing us to this product, it really works!

    • A year ago I was in Canada visiting my husbands family
      I met you at a pow wow in Orillia out at the Rama reservation, I remember you talking to me about your grandfather, you were so helpful that day, with your kindness in telling me if I ever needed more products just to email you and you’d post them to Australia, I thought that was a very kind thing to offer.
      I bought all your products and applied the minigan salve to the wound on my husbands back, within 3 days I saw that wound heal (the open wound was from a melanoma being removed, the stitches had burst and caused another infection).
      It was amazing, I have come back to Australia and let all my friends know of your product.
      I use it on my grandchildren when they had abrasions.
      When I return to Canada for another visit this year, I will be stocking up again. Thank you again for this wonderful product.
      Thank you for an amazing product indeed.

    • Just use the contact form, check “Salves & Oils” and let me know what you need! Be sure to leave a phone number.

    • Greetings! I purchased Minigan w/ pine, cedar, balsam fir and beeswax October 2017 when I was up in Winnipeg. I would like to buy more. Please let me know how i can place an order. Thank you.

      Suzanne S. Rancourt

  8. I was wondering if your Bear Oil would be a good choice for coating my 13 inch Moose Hide Hand Drum. I find it excellent for a multitude of my own skin problems.

    • I would like to suggest you use pure bear fat for drums. That is what I season my hand drums that I make. I also have pure bear fat that you can purchase from me.

  9. I started using bear salve on my sons psoriasis 1 week ago and the difference was instantaneous . He has psoriatic arthritis and has large plaques on knees and ankle. We’ve used biological and potent prescriptions , but this bearsalve is the only thing that that takes away the plaque and itching.
    Today I purchased more bearsalve as well as the minigan salve to try!
    Thank you Dan for your natural remedies!
    We will be back for more!

  10. Is Bear oil safe to use on a baby that is 4 months old and that has eczema on his face. His skin gets very dry and irritates and wants to scratch.

  11. Hi,

    I have been reading the comments on your site concerning your salves and oils and am thinking that I would like to try them. I have a severe skin condition and it seems nothing helps. I am wondering how large your containers are. I seem to use salves and creams in large amounts because of the condition I have and think that if they are very small, it will not be sufficient and would be very costly. can you let me know the prices for the salves and oils and also the amount contained in your containers. Also, I am located in Winnipeg Manitoba. Do you charge for shipping?
    thanks you.

  12. I have tried everything the doctors gave me to help my son. His skin would be so raw from scratching even not from scratching, his eczema, redness, and his open sores were pretty much all over his body. NOW you can hardly see any or even notice that he had/has a skin problem. I met you at a workshop through ONWAA. I thought to myself, now this is something I need to try. I don’t have my grandma or anyone else that makes natural remedies anymore. I am so glad I did. Since he started using it. He has cleared up, he doesn’t have sores from eczema, etc BUT I ran myself very low and my son needs more of the bear salve. I have to admit I was using it myself where I always break out and that even helped me. I shared it with others to try and they loved it just the same. Keechii Meegweetch! I will keep advertising your wonderful Bear Salve and whatever else I get. It has helped others and I know for sure a couple ordered already and know some others that would like to do the same. Many Blessings to your home from mine.

  13. We LOVE Dan’s minigan salve!!!! My husband has had a bad back for many years, this month he was barely able to walk. I used the small jar on his lower back for the week until we could get into see Dan on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday evening I rubbed his entire back with the salve. I am extremely happy to say that he is up and able to play with our grandchildren again. Happy household here!
    Thank you Dan!

    • I used several products on my poison oak, and was desperately asking everyone if they knew of a cure. A most unlikely contact recommended bear oil and gave me some to try. After the first application, I saw discernible change and the pain went away. It took about 4-5 days to heal, but it was complete and no discomfort. At points, my arm looked ‘burned’. After that wonderful experience, I use it on a sclerotic skin condition and it is tremendous! It is soothing and gives the skin a real boost. It is an auto-immune problem so is not gone, but it is much easier to tolerate.

  14. Hi Dan I was looking to purchase some bear oil. I live in Vancouver BC. Wondering if you can help me out. Thanks

  15. I met Dan at a Pow Wow where I had gotten a severe sunburn. I purchased some of the Bear Salve and it helped my skin out so much. It made it so that I could lay down on my very sunburned back that night and get a good night’s rest. I have since used the salve on my eczema, dry skin and blemishes. Thank you for listening to your dream, Dan. This product heals.

  16. I had poison oak for two weeks and was unable to dislodge it. After the first application of the oil, it diminished by half! It still took a week to completely heal and my skin looked as if it had been burned under the rash. The areas that are healed leave no scar!

  17. I was diagnosed with psariosis my doctor gave me this cream I used it but it didn’t seem to do anything my husband had bought your bear cream at a pow wow so I did an experiment one arm cream from Doctor other arm bear product next morning arm with bear cream almost gone unbelievable this product works wonders

  18. Like many of these people noted i’ve had similar success. My daughter was scratching a lot and this eczema must’ve spread from her elbows to her neck and spotches on her face. We bought this on the Aug. long wknd and used it that weekend on her and its practically disappeared from her neck and face within that short of a time period – amazing! It hasn’t come back since, but we have run out to get the one under control on her elbows.

  19. I have Achilles Tendonitis and have been using Minigan and it is relieving the joint pain. Better than physio!

  20. Hi I would like to order some bear oil for psoriasis.

  21. I ordered the med pack and it came in the mail the very next day!! I’ve been struggling for almost 5 years with a diabetic ulcer on my leg. I can say with confidence that I’ve tried just about everything. After only a couple days with the med pack there is a noticeable difference – I am now looking at a sore that has begun to heal! I am more hopeful than I’ve ever been. I remembered to take a picture from day one and I will take a picture when it’s healed to show how well it worked. Thanks Dan thank you for keeping traditions alive including this medicine.

  22. It’s pretty difficult to find anyone nowadays that makes salves and medicines that are from your descent. Im thankful for coming across your website.

  23. My dog has been scratching his face into a mess of scabs. I tried everything. Happened to be at a pow wow and bought the bear salve thinking I had nothing to lose. OMG!! After 2 days of applying the salve twice daily…the scabs are gone. I am not exaggerating! I actually thought I had the wrong side of the face. Gone! I’m totally impressed with this product. Thank you so much!!

  24. I started using minigan salve on my 1 year olds eczema. It is on his face and the flare ups are awful, after just applying it a few times his face is practically cleared! I wish I took a before and after pic.