Small Patches



Assorted embroidered patches for jackets, bags, or just about anywhere you can think of.

While many are “iron-on” we always recommend stitching them for durability.

Some historical notes about the Warrior Flags…

** Women’s Warrior Flag: Ieweras Gray (1998-2014) was a Mohawk girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at age six, battling the cancer until succumbing to it at age 16. Her story, and that of her father James Sakoietah Gray who was torn between supporting his daughter and defending himself in a criminal case regarding an Indian casino, was movingly documented in “She Brings The Thunder” by Jorge Barrera (APTN National News, 20 April 2015). He quotes Sakoietah:

The Woman’s Warrior Flag was developed to honour Ieweras Gray and to bring strength to all women of the world for their voices to be heard once again. For the women are the protectors of the lands, they will stand strong and proud. Ieweras means “She Helps Bring The Thunder And Lightning” — a warrior’s name given to her because she was born during a thunderstorm in Cornwall, Ontario. The thunderbolt earring shown on the flag references this.

** Mohawk Warrior Society Flag: designed about 1971-74 by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall (Kahnawake Mohawk).

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Every Child Matters, Chippewa, Ojibway, Nish, Medicine Wheel, Thunderbird, Warrior Woman, Mohawk Warrior Flag, Bear, Medicine Wheel (Paws), Anishinaabe Floral, Blue Feather, Red Feather, Purple Feather, Silver Feather, Blue 2 Feather, Light Blue Feather, Red 2 Feather, AIM, AIM Pipe, Original, People, First Nations, Warriors, Indigenous, Cree F.N., Algonquin, Sober, Hiawatha Flag, Odawa, 2 Spirit, Pride 7 Teachings, Red Power, Pink Butterfly, Blue Butterfly, Green Butterfly, Silver Butterfly, Wolf, Strawberry, Warrior Flag (Red), Idle No More, Indian Motorcycle Flag (Gold), Indian Motorcycle Logo (Chief), Indian Motorcycle Logo (Gold), Indian Motorcycle Logo (Silver), Batman, MMIW, Man Belongs To The Earth, Turtle Clan, End Of The Trail, Indian Territory (AIM), Wild Forever Dreamcatcher, Harley Logo