Always a pleasure to shop at Bears den! Dan is very helpful, and he really cares about his customers; whether they spend $10 or $200, he treats them the same. Dan is my go-to person for my indigenous supplies.

Always sells superb items. One thing I enjoy about buying from Dan is he is a genuine soul who sells genuine products. Both my parents have bought shoes and boots from Dan and the products have been outstanding. Also have purchased both the Minigan salve and Bear Salve and both are incredible. If you want real authentic products from someone who has an authentic soul, this shop is for you!
Kevin W.
I just got my order today! Such a quick delivery!! It’s very easy to tell it’s all natural!! And that’s why I love it, natural ingredients, good smell, works so well and I can tell it’s made by a man who genuinely loves and cares for his work and to help people which is why I love making big orders, but as I have said before I will be making larger orders in the future as I like to be stocked up and supply myself and my family with your natural medicines.

All the best, have a wonderful day and stay safe. Thank you again for the medicines
Emily L.
I have been suffering with various ailments for the last few years, seen numerous specialists, and have been prescribed many things from A to Z; all with little to no success and many side effects. Instantly I felt relief from itching pain and my skin looked more relaxed. After a week my partner and I noticed huge improvements. Using it now and going to get some more for sure! If nothing has worked for your skin or you just want a healthier glow, give it a try, it may work for you too!
Steve Maracle
I wanted to share a personal testimonial about your Minigan Salve …

Last week I got a nasty scratch on my left foot below the ankle and right to the sole, thanks to one of my cats. It was an accident, but it still hurt and bled a fair bit as the scratch was deep. So deep, in fact, that the next day I took scissors to cut away some of the thick skin that had been cut through and to allow a dressing to be better placed over the wound. I am 60 and have diabetes, and healing is always slow for me.

Because of the depth and location, the wound was quite painful to walk on, but I put Minigan Salve on a plaster and covered the wound. I changed the plaster every day.
Within two days the wound had almost completely healed. It’s 6 days now, and other than a fine line where the cut was, it’s completely healed. This is unheard-of for me, CHI MIIGWECH!
B.P. Weekes
Thank you Dan for this wonderful natural remedy. Our dog has had some major issues with a fungal infection in her feet, nothing that we had tried was helping. After only one day of using the bear salve there was a noticeable difference, and she is on the mend.
Megan & Drew (Nova Scotia)
I LOVE bear salve! One of the only things that’s ever helped my 3 year old’s eczema. It’s great for everything!
Cáit W.
For all the women…TRY THIS ON YOUR CUTICLES ASAP!!! I do stock opening boxes about 3-5 times a week and my hands get soooo dry they feel like sand paper. THIS is a heavenly sent fix-it-all balm!!! Go and get some!! I swear you’ll love it, works on getting rid of pimples too (Thank you Dan for that tip)
Lindsay T.
Daniel….your Minigan and Bear Salve are amazing!!! Every time I buy some I run into someone who could use it. And I always get amazing feedback. I literally just walked some bear salve over to a neighbour who’s son’s head is healing from hair loss due to medication. He cannot start hair regrowth treatment until the itchy wounds on his head heal. Thank you for your wonderful medicine!
Jennifer V.
It (Minigan) works like a dream.. I’m so thankful for Dan introducing me to it.. had a bad burn and a few cuts from work and within a few minutes the burn/aching was gone and within a few days the cuts were completely gone!
Evelyn K.
My mom has been dealing with a huge rash for over a year nothing seemed to cure it.
Two weeks using the bear salve and it’s almost gone!
I also gave a small container to a young man that walks his dog by my house, because the dog a a large sore on his back;
one week later and it’s healed.
I will always keep this in my home!
Thank you Dan!
Like many comments I’ve seen. Your product is wonderful. My girlfriend introduced me to Dan at the market in a Saturday afternoon. I bought the pocket size of both Bear Salve and Minigan Salve. I have a had many fall season weather changes that dry out my hands. I have had to battle the fall season for the better part of my life. Over the past few years my brother has been working with me with all his education on all natural products and food etc. My brother has helped me battle my eczema condition since he became as natural as he could get as time went on. My hands were the last of the eczema condition. Now I am living much happier with Dan’s Minigan and Bear Salve. It only take up to half hour roughly to see a dramatic healing change. I thank my girlfriend for introducing me to Dan and I thank Dan for his wonderful product and I am happy to see other’s comments and photos of before and after.
Brandon S.
A year ago I was in Canada visiting my husbands family
I met you at a pow wow in Orillia out at the Rama reservation, I remember you talking to me about your grandfather, you were so helpful that day, with your kindness in telling me if I ever needed more products just to email you and you’d post them to Australia, I thought that was a very kind thing to offer.
I bought all your products and applied the Minigan salve to the wound on my husbands back, within 3 days I saw that wound heal (the open wound was from a melanoma being removed, the stitches had burst and caused another infection).
It was amazing, I have come back to Australia and let all my friends know of your product.
I use it on my grandchildren when they had abrasions.
When I return to Canada for another visit this year, I will be stocking up again. Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Thank you for an amazing product indeed.
Barbara B.
I started using the oil on my shoulder to help with pain from a strain, it worked amazingly well, I use it on any of my pain spots or when I have a headache
Alisyn N.
We started using bear salve on my sons psoriasis 1 week ago and the difference was instantaneous . He has psoriatic arthritis and has large plaques on knees and ankle. We’ve used biological and potent prescriptions , but this bear salve is the only thing that that takes away the plaque and itching.
Today I purchased more bear salve as well as the minigan salve to try!
Thank you Dan for your natural remedies!
We will be back for more!
Sheri & Adam