All of the Moccasins we carry are made in Canada by a company founded in 1945. All natural leather combined with extra thick hide or manufactured soles makes for a very comfortable and long lasting footwear suitable for indoor and outdoor use! Some styles have wool lining or fur decorations and a few even come in various dyed colours!

They make a great selection available to us in many sizes; however we cannot possibly carry everything in the shop! Have a look at our available styles and ask about your size (or any style you may not see). Remember that these are all made of natural leathers and will stretch a bit as they form to your feet.

We keep a good stock at the shop, visit us on the weekend and try a pair or, browse the catalogue and place an order in the form below the photos – we’ll make arrangements to get you what you need.

There is also a selection of Gloves & Mitts available from this catalogue.

Please note: we cannot guarantee stock, style or sizes, but will do our best to get what you need. If something is unavailable, we’ll contact you to offer an alternative or make other arrangements. Payment by cash, debit, credit card or eTransfer (Canada only).

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